To have sex with someone and then let your friend fuck them next. This is usually done by guys trying to get their friend's some ass too.
When you're done, let's flip." "We should flip her, she's hot.
by FVRS July 24, 2011
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The verb to flip means to sell usually used when talking about drugs. Flip is interchangeable with the word Hustle
"Flippin Keys makin crazy Gs" from the song affirmative action

"yo im bout to Flip this nigga a dank Oz for $280"
by l0stjawz March 31, 2009
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The act of fucking Anna in many different positions, usually performed by a Phillard.
by Feva April 10, 2003
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double, refered to dope in this case.
say u wanted a dime flip, then u would
get $20 of dope and make that $10 profit.
"cuz hook me up with a flip of that boy"
"what u need?"
"a dime flip."
by Buonodono October 11, 2005
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To get angery and bitch, yell, hit, whatever it takes to get ur point across.
~yo this bitch was running her mouth, so i flipped out on her.

~My man didnt come home last night, you best believe i flipped out on him.
by 420_N_Bitches September 06, 2003
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1. To sell drugs and describe how quick you move the product

2. Being who they want. Dirty south pimps know this

3. To turn it around on someone when they are hating on you or someone you know
1. "You got any of that fire?"
"Nah, I already flipped that shit"

2. "Who they want? Flip"

3. "She was talking shit about me, but I flipped the script on that bitch"
by flip1985 March 03, 2009
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