some dude who got owned on aol in 2003
fleischer was a random guy in an AOL chatroom who was swatted again and somebody sent him a black dildo. Fleischer can receive up to 20 mis-delivered pizza per day along with other forms of services like taxis, fire departments and men from craigslist randomly showing up.
by N1cHOLE April 24, 2022
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Fleischer is the name of someone that usually thinks he is strong and good looking, but usually fat and wears ugly clothes. Most of his clothes are most likely fake, and he enjoys to wear tank tops, which he look extra fat and ugly in. The Fleischers are also known to have really wierd and ugly hair.
Fleischer is so fat.
No, not the tank top again.

He looks like a fat guy that drives a trailer for living.
by Lidenfrauden January 26, 2018
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The state of being high and drunk at the same time, eliciting the effect of feeling as if one is in a Max Fleischer cartoon.
I was completely fleischered last night. My neck turned into an anaconda and started dancing with the armoire.
by little white cat December 24, 2010
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Nichole: OMG! Richard just got the fleischer treatment!
Richard: Im tired of picking up everybody's tab because im a nice guy
by GotaBrokenHalo April 23, 2022
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