a phrase that is highley useful in a group conversation...

when there is a awkward silence, one person says "yeah flegg is a great bloke" and the conversation will restart immidately .

who is flegg, we don't know, but he has saved our lives...
guy one: so what'd you think of the movie
guy two: wasn't bad
guy three: yeah alright
guy four: not too bad

(awkward silence of 4-7 seconds)

guy one: yeah flegg is a great bloke
all: hahahaha
by PAGIS!!! April 22, 2006
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Fleggs are razz kings! Fleggs are well known for their abilities of picking up girls. This comes easy to Fleggs as women can not resist their Arnold Schwarzenegger like physique or the way their eyes shimmer and hair glows when giving a lady the "Flegg Stare" (a move their pray cannot resist) as if a Flegg was not un-resistible enough! When fleggs get suspensions they also gain the bad boy image this making them unstoppable razzers and gives them a flock of in-love women chasing after them!
Person 1- Christian gets all the bitches
Person 2- probably because he's such a ladykiller
Person 1- he does have exceptional muscle tone...
Person 2- he must be a Flegg
by Christian-razz-me-xoxox July 1, 2013
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Someone who is a pussy ass bitch. Someone who acts like a bitch
Yo marty is such a flegg. Quit acting like a flegg. Ur literally fleg rn
by Gotbignoodlez June 15, 2022
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A more accurate depiction of the common slang blonde moment. It is named after politician Dr Bruce Flegg, who became the leader of the Queensland Liberal Party in 2006. Flegg insulting referred to a glitch of his memory as a blonde moment, hence the emergence of the term Flegg moment into mainstream usage.
I can not remember when Australia was invaded or settled by Europeans, I must be having a Flegg moment.
by Stuart Fenech September 6, 2006
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A little school stuck in the middle of a field with a cow and sheep called mooey and maaey. Boys pull mooneys from the buses- especially 808.
person 1-ooh look, its mooey and maaey
person 2- must be near flegg high school
person 1- are you pulling a mooney?
person 2- well i am on 808. :)
by crispysocks February 26, 2012
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A variation of egg, like scrambled, boiled etc. A flegg is an egg that has been swallowed whole and regurgitated onto a plate before serving.
How do you like your eggs, sir?
Flegg, please and thank you.
by HaroldJKingston November 27, 2017
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