Used to describe a free flap that looks fantastic and has no cause for concern. Every clinical finding is encouraging (ie capillary refill- normal, interval venous signal- sounds AWESOME, hematoma?- NOPE)
Dr.Said, our DIEP patient is flaptastic, she is ready to go home!
by K8AI May 11, 2018
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a bike saddle that causes least damage to a lady's nether region........
"that saddle is flaptastic - the old beef curtains are fine and dandy"
by fatb September 08, 2009
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Awesome, Amazing, fantastic, or excellent only better than awesome, amazing, fantastic, or excellent. Flaptastic is the word you use when there is no way to describe the awesomeness.
Wow, that cheeseburger was flaptastic, don't you agree, grandpa?
by FlapsRAwesomw August 11, 2014
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