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A man will light the pubic hair of his female partner ablaze and then douse said blaze with a spectacular bicycle kick, to the adoration of tens of thousands of screaming fans.
Clay tried to give his woman a Flaming Pele, but had a coronary embolism and Zaz had to do the kick part. You shoulda seen the burnt pubes fly.
by T-Bone April 21, 2003
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A man will ignite the ass hair of his female partner after sex and proceed to give them a soccer style kick out the door to legions of adoring fans cheering his victory. This action is performed mainly to avoid post-coital jibber-jabber and unwanted cuddling.
We watched the naked girl run by and the smell of burnt ass filled the air. We heard him scream, "Rick don't snuggle bitch!" Flaming Pele for the win!
by SteveHo May 04, 2006
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