n1. A yellowish weapon in the Unreal series of video games that shoots out either a spread of metal shrapnel or a single bomb with a smiley face painted on it that explodes in metal shrapnel.

n2. A weapon used by the military to fill the skies with shrapnel and down incoming enemy aircraft.

v. To kill someone using a flak cannon. Once done fifteen times, you're a flak monkey.
n. "I think you should whip out your flak cannon and plug that n00b."

n. "Incoming bombers! Arm the flak cannons!"

v. "j00 got flak cannon'd, NUB! LOLLOLOLOLOL!!!111shift+1"
by Fission frekin rawks May 30, 2005
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A fearsome yellow weapon that shoots metal shards with high speed. Alternate fire launches a ball shaped grenade which has a smile painted on it.
Dude1: Stop spamming the flak man!
Dude2: omg whiner lololol
by bonehead November 17, 2004
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