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The weight, mass, volume, or force applied by a very large man, can all be converted into one unit, called a flagle.
How much does that car weigh?
About one Flagle.
by ridinthewind November 21, 2007
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A dead or severly wounded children's entertainer (usally a clown) atop a dining table. Flageeli (plural form) are most often radom events during religious festivals.

From Flagol the gnome from the novel 'A tale of 32 urban zones: The german susage dog story'
No flagle before it, nor any hereafter could surpass the splender of this one; the dead man, dressed as "DOODEEDOO!" was coverd from head to foot in a mixture of Golden syrup, fruit glaze and shaving cream which made him glow like a thousand bald men. "What is this splended flagle?" Asked those gathered in that place, "and who can make such a thing?". - Exert from 'The Teletubys do New York'
by S-Bom August 06, 2003
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