A larger than normal size forehead . A fivehead is a person with a large Fod
Timmy hasn't got a forehead he's got a fivehead
by Crutchley October 09, 2017
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Fivehead is typically used as in insult towards someone-- usually if they do something stupid. It may also be the equivalent of "big brain," depending on the context.
"I cannot believe you exposed the imposters to the team! You are SUCH a fivehead."

"We won the round with our 500 Iq! I'm a fivehead."
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by November Storm September 21, 2020
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a very large forehead meaning you have big brains
"can we talk about how much of a fivehead i am for knowing who the imposter was in among us"
by aurorathedisneyprincess September 15, 2020
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