A person with a big forehead they call it a fivehead because if you have a regular forehead u have a fourhead like the number four but if you have a fivehead you have a big forehead like the number five and the number five is after four so it makes it bigger
Damn that bitch got a big ass forehead na she aint got a forehead she got a fivehead
by Pimp23 August 23, 2004
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A person with a receeding hairline.
Your shits fucked up. You ain't got a forehead you got a five-head.
by Jdogg03 October 20, 2003
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this term is used to describe individuals with unusually large and awkward forehead regions. See FUGLY This is more commonly used to describe women foreheads rather then mens, since men commonly recede at the hairline. Fiveheads tend to be more commonly found on Asian and African Americans. Basically one big forehead.
"Sarah's fivehead was out of control today; dripping with sweat and splotchy like you wouldn't believe."
by Georgio Nevero July 29, 2010
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noun - a very large head. specifically a very large forehead but my also be used to describe a large head in general.
don't you think paula's fivehead and aquanetted 80's bangs make her a perfect candidate for our human kite science fair project?

uncle warren didn't get "turned" in the crib when he was a baby. his head got molded to a point so that's why he's got a fivehead.
by jsteele December 27, 2007
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Paul's abnormaly large forehead.
Paul headbutts a frat house window, cutting himself above the eye. Luke proclaims: "Blood, you just cut your fivehead!"
by Graham Boulton December 15, 2007
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