What old people do from the porch when little kid's baseballs break their windows.
Those little rat bastards broke my kitchen window again, so I gave'em the old fist shake from the porch to scare them off.
by Beef Sanchez September 20, 2003
A staple Old Folk agressive move. Shaking the fist lets people know they are disgruntled but haven't the means to kick your ass. Directly related to the wave off, the fist shake is a time honored right for senior citizens, and adored by the young.
When I burned out in front of Old Man Stephens house, he gave me such a fist shaking that I thought he was gonna bust a jugular.
a relatively new meme, spawned from Never Mind the Buzzcocks Series 23 Episode 12. The presenter, David Tennant (off of Doctor Who) would, after reading out an innuendo-based joke, would say "BARROWMAN!" (implying blamehood upon John Barrowman) and brandish his fist at the screen.

The meme now just represents blaming any problem you happen to have at the time on John Barrowman.
McFly's song contained the lyrics "there's nothing on Earth that could save us since I fell in love with Uranus. Which as it happens was a line removed from the pilot episode of Torchwood"

BARROWMAN! *shakes fist* *grrrrr*
by Lord iEvil January 10, 2010