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Fuckin' Illinois Shit Head Towing a Boat - Refers to rude, clueless Illinois resident(s) (usually Chicago suburbanites) who not only have no clue as to courteous driving, but further exemplify it while towing a massive boat. In most cases, FIBs love to drop their 32' cruisers in 60 acre lakes and wonder why they are getting the bird from fisherman.
"Hey Fishtab.. this is a fishing lake you glub..glub...glub".
by Bajaskier June 11, 2007
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Fucking Illinois ShitHeads Towing A Boat. This is a term used mainly by Wisconsinites when describing a ridiculus driver from Illinois who vacations in Wisconsin in the summer to use a boat on the beautiful lakes. They are known to drive like shit on the roads while towing their boats.
I was driving through town and a fish tab was taking up two lanes with his boat trailer so I could not get around him.
by smilepretty May 15, 2006
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Fuckin Illinois Shit Head Towing A Boat commonly said in wisconsin
you stupid FISHTAB!!!
by Matt Strom October 10, 2004
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Fucking Illinois shithead towing a boat. Used to refer to the thousands of people from Illinois that cross the state line every weekend to litter and treat Wisconsin lakes like shit. Often caused by realization that Illinois has absolutely nothing to offer.
"Hey did you just see that Fish-tab throw a bag of McDonald's shit out of his window?"
"Yep, big surprise."
by Yep so true August 09, 2008
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Wisconsin slang for a fucking Illinois shit head towing a boat.
Them fish tabs are blocking up the highway.
by Taylor1337 August 06, 2011
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