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The extremely painful defecation that occurs in some people after a large consumption of spicy foods.
Jonathon ate several habenero peppers and some ghost peppers. A few hours later he was howling in pain as the liquefied fireshits squirted out of his body.
by Nutzen YerMouf March 07, 2018
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A fireshit is when you take a shit but it feels like your ass hole is on fire. These types of shits are the worse because it can make you sweat and makes your whole ass extremly hot and irritated. Wiping your ass is the worst when it comes to this because you never know if you wiped enough, so you kepp on going and your ass becomes dry and irritated for the rest of the day.
Tavis:Damn nigga my ass is burning
Barney: It’s definitely that damn chipotle.
Tavis: no nigga it’s just a fireshit. I get them every so often.
by Turkeylover13 April 02, 2019
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Middle English, from Old English fyr; akin to Old High German fiur fire, Greek pyr
Middle English, from Old English scite; akin to Old English -scItan to defecate

Function: noun

1) painful anal excretion of human waste that is associated with a burning feeling in and around the asshole.
"I got the fire shits from all that beer I drank last night!"

" thanks, too much coffee gives me the fire shits."
by SumDumGuy September 03, 2004
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When the act of taking a shit is accompanied sensation of your rectum being on fire.
Exclusively used for the morning after drinking cheap beer.
After drinking an underteminable amount of PBR, I had the worst fire shit.
by woody April 30, 2003
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after you eat some jalapenos you get the fire shits which is usually a greenish painful shit.
Man that italian bmt was loaded with jalapenos. I had the fire shits and couldnt sit for a minute
by NIggalicious February 14, 2007
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