Live is a beautiful girl who was born on the 7th of March 2004. She has a terrific laughter and spreads joy all around.

Ole and Kaja wishes her a happy 18th birthday!
Have you seen Søte pene snille fine Live?

Yes, it's the pretty, blonde girl who's always smiling
by oledole123 March 7, 2022
Rez slang for any older woman who is physically attractive
Young Buck: That guy’s got a new snag, goddamn she’s a Fine Auntie
by Peter Talking Backwards July 11, 2020
when a nigga can't see how fine you are
"sis why don't he like me"

"girl I heard he was fine blind"
by aqua_25 October 4, 2017
Often used to describe beauty beyond words. Frog hair is fine, but a frog slink is even finer.
by brooklynmars December 22, 2021
Hey bob do you have some of that fine green.
No billy not today I only have lame green come back tomorrow!
by Unicorniopower December 10, 2015