Some fishes can have both male and female parts. For example, all clown fishes are born male. If the female in a clown fish colony goes AWOL, then the alpha male will turn into a female and the new alpha male will repopulate the colony with him/her/it.

Freaked out yet? Here's the messed up part. The only ones mating in an entire clown fish colony is the alpha male and alpha female. So inevitably the new alpha male will always be the descendent of a previous alpha male/current alpha female. So technically the alpha male is mating with his father/mother or brother/sister or any combination of what us humans call blood relatives.

So yeah, that's fish incest, or for short, fincest. Why? Fish have fins and well, some people don't connect the dots when you tell them to google "Nemo" and "fincest". Kinda like how people won't watch two girls one cup if you tell them to google "two girls take dump in a cup and then eats from it". Not sure which one is nastier, but either one is enough to scar someone for life.

Moral of the story? If you commit incest you're no better than animals. That and think before you listen to your friend telling you to google weird and random words.
After the end of "Finding Nemo", Nemo and his dad will repopulate the clown fish colony through fincest.

Someone told me to look up "Nemo" and "Fincest" and I got scarred for life.
by BoardInSchool May 24, 2013
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