One who drives a bmw with white interior leather, balks at dehumanizing hookers and overal douchey appearance to impress everyone around him with the finance firm he works for
Hes a straight finance bro, only cares about money and hoes
by Niqqa G February 22, 2016
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Typically works on Wall Street, reeks of male privilege and boasts of his money and his (super-inflated) job title. Outwardly very confident, douchey, but are actually insecure and constantly trying to overcompensate for their shortcomings.

Most have nothing going on outside of their work lives, and fun doesn't exist without alcohol/drug use.

They work for the sole purpose of making more money and then have moments of sadness when they realize money isn't everything.

If you've met or dated one finance bro, you've met them all.
Friend: Hey are you seeing that guy again?

Girl: Nexted. He's a total finance bro, thinks he is "god's gift" which he certainly is not.
by TooBusyNexting November 18, 2018
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someone who desperately wants to be rich and will always talk about stocks and other finance garbage.
will likely repost edits of andrew tate and other richy rich douches who post videos of their stupid courses
"James wants to be a Finance Bro so bad its fucking disgusting"
by Xur345687 May 18, 2023
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