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Some one who works at a fast food store.
(Overheard in Sydney, Australia)
1: I hear Shaz has a job.
2: Doing what?
1: Filth Merchant at Macca's
by rmcc70 May 11, 2005
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Colloquial term for male University of Kent students with a reputation for promiscuous and often questionable sexual liaisons with other female students with little to no personal standards for either themselves or the women in question.

Filth Merchant(s): Also, often used collectively to describe a group of male students who partake in said acts as a group who are known to behave with boisterous behaviour. Often compared to the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University, though more "filthy" in nature.

Originally Founded at 93 Headcorn Drive, Canterbury - 2014.
A: " I heard Jacob slept with Megan last night, she let him ejaculate on her face."
B: " What a filth merchant! Thats not as bad as Josh, who jacked-off in his housemates shampoo bottle!"
by TrollHunter2014 July 22, 2016
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someone who is involved with the usage and distribution of filth.
i'm going to that filth merchant over there to buy some filth.

you absolute filth merchant
by lounging_howeh October 07, 2009
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