A filmmaker is an individual who is proficient in all aspects of movie making. A filmmaker writes, directs, edits and produces their films. The founding fathers of this form (which can be argued) is Charlie Chaplin and Roger Corman. However the founding father of the modern filmmaker is Robert Rodriguez, whom exemplifies this type of artwork.
Filmmaker, Robert Rodriguez, Roger Corman, Charlie Chaplin,Kevin Smith, Nathan S. Hill, Craig McMahon, Jim Jarmusch and many others
by Peckinpah August 2, 2011
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"I'm going to write a film about being on the dole, it's what every filmmaker does for some reason!"
by AxelS September 18, 2013
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A filmmaker is a child - typically anywhere from 13 to 43 - who posts videos on YouTube about how they are definitely a filmmaker and how you can totally be one too if you follow these 10 easy steps I wish I knew before I became a filmmaker.
"Pwhat's up everybody!? It's Taco Tuesday and I'm Petey McKinkley and this is a film about filmmaking, dude. Just go out - or stay in - and make films guys - and girls - and you're gonna make so much money here just gotta diversify your passive income cashflow bro! Filmmaker, OUT!"
by jmmwiv November 5, 2019
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Guerilla documentary filmmaking refers to a form of tactical research long-form docu-style filmmaking characterized by the combination micro budgets, skeleton crews, and using any-and-all resources, and locations available; researched and layered with the accrued government whistleblower documents, and subsequent coverup.
Guerrilla documentary filmmaking highlights the raw truth between humanity and technology. It is sourced from a variety of backgrounds, including but not limited to: R&D, The Study of Technological Innovations, Scientific Analysis, Government Contractors, and Government Funded Research (forgotten, lost, removed, and deleted). A tactical style of investigation, dedicated to the research and the inventions that made it possible.
by Omega_Mega_Megan_Sun November 4, 2021
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