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1) To be called out for random and often awkward comments, with often hilarious results.

2) to be out of place or uncalled for.

3) to overreact in a manner that provokes uncalled for or awkward reactions

4) It is a phrase that came to be popular mainly in the northern areas of USA and more prominently in certain Canadian cities (Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal). Popular belief is that it came from the term Man-trany, which it self is a very uncalled and awkward term to use. The word "fill" was added in later as to fill in a blank space in a hypothetical sentence where " Man-trany" would be uncalled for.
1) YO man why are you fillmanhtran-ing me.

2) last night i was in an argument with my homie and i got fliltran-ed

3) GG, that guy just got Manhtraned me

4) WOW man that was FillManhtran-ed!!
by GGalltheseLGs February 09, 2010
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