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(noun): the moral or ethical duty a woman owes to her significant other to keep her vagina clean and in an appetizing and wholesome condition.

etymology: hybridization of "fiduciary duty", i.e. "the legal duty of one to act in the best interests of another in certain settings", and "douche".
Guy 1: "Brenda's vadge was nasty last night!"

Guy 2: "You should ditch the bitch, man. She violated her fidouchiary duty."
by fauxbourdon December 08, 2005
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The act of being a douche bag for only reasons a douche bag would understand.

When Douche Bags keep it real and uphold their duty to doucheyness
a) "What was up with Tom popping bottles at that open bar event?"
b) "Yes as a douche bag, he was upholding his Fidouchiary Duty."
a) "Well played douche bag, well played..."

Another example:
Putting on jewelry, shiny print clothing, and extra cologne when going to the gym.
by DMoSlice January 30, 2012
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