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Fidjiddle - fid-jeh-dull

1. verb (to fidjiddle) - to engage in coitus or coitus related activities (i.e. oral sex, petting, making out). e.g.: we fidjiddled all night long. e.g. 2: fidjiddle me baby, please.

2. noun - sexual intercourse, or sexual activity (i.e. oral sex, petting, making out) . e.g.: may I have some fidjiddles later?

Origin of the word: English, particularly George St. Newfoundland.

3 young ladies were enjoying a night out at the local strip club. A man climbed unto the stage. A stripper proceeded to unzip the man's pants and play with his genitalia. The 3 young ladies returned to their home where they explained the sequence of events to their 4th roommate. One of the young ladies used the word fidjiddle to describe the activity between the stripper and the stage man.

A beautiful word was born.
1. I would sure love to fidjiddle that boy/girl with my fidjiddle parts.

2. Oh, I am really in the mood for some fidjiddles. Better shave my legs and call my fidjiddle pal.

3. Person 1:"I noticed you did not come home alone last night? Was there any fidjiddling?"

Person 2: "Yes"

Person 1: "Mild, moderate, or major?"

4. I fidjiddled you softly last night as you slept.

5. I heard you engage in some major fidjiddle last night.

6. I used to fidjiddle that individual but the parameters of our social relationship no longer allows such intimacy.

7. Would you like to fidjiddle?
by fidjiddlers4 December 04, 2011
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