A fibo is short for fibonacci, a math concept frequently used by a daytrader or chartist to identify whether the price of a stock or crypto is set to rise or fall.

In practice, the chartist is almost always wrong is about to get riggity riggity wrecked.
Guy in 2018: "Bro, Bitcoin is set to hit $100,000 before the end of year. Trust me, I checked the fibos and fibos never lie.
(The price of Bitcoin proceeds to go under $4,000 and the guy never financially recovers ever again.)
by igotalottastuff June 20, 2020
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short for: Fibonassist;

cool way of saying that the guy/chica speaking for last 40 mins is a big L and should give up this field.

Episode 1:
> (Fibo enters the class)
> (Fibo asks the tall guy to turn on the projector by saying: "Pleaje on the projector")
14 minutes later...
> (shows the ppt slide titled chemical bonding)
> (starts blabbering)... As far as Chemical Bonding is concerned....(looks towards slide and gets confused)
" Yes my friends, Chemical Bonding is the phenomenon of bonding between different chemicals"

Curious kid: "Sir, what does data computation mean?"
Da fibo: "Data computation is computing of data (smiles pathetically)"
Anti-fibo Guy: "What a Fibo SOB!"
by Dabbing Mongus June 10, 2023
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A noun. It is used to address a person who betrays and murders one's own team mate(s) in a game.
Oh my God! That's a Fibo!
by Ritoru November 16, 2015
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A shorter, more funnier way of saying Filbo, which is the Mayor of Snaxburg in Bugsnax.
Person 1: “Yooooo Bugsnax’s ending was crazy! Too bad I got the bad ending.”
Person 2: “Oh cool, I got the good ending, what character was your favorite?”
Person 1: “It’s gotta be Bunger and Fibo!”
Person 2: “and this is why i fucking hate you”
by DillonVentures January 15, 2021
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A real brotha that has always got your back. He never folds and talk trash on you. You want a Fibo gees as your friend.
Fibo gees is the most true person I know.
by CTaraski6 February 28, 2019
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