fiamma is a musical worldly loving creature, she has time to greet her neighbours talk about a plenitude of tomorrow's and loves nothing more than appreciating those who respect her with respect in return.
She has some quirky ways, adept at picking up loose ends. A perfectionist making each day count.

Fiamma can be prey to bad people, people certain envious ones left her in pain but Fiamma will not be beaten by ghouls and goblins.
She bounces back stronger, wiser and her efforts always pay well in both ways reality and spiritually.

Yes this girl leads an unconventional path, not priveleged with excess but fulfilled in every way.





She never forgets those true to her.

Those who hurt her, do not go unpunished.
fiamma finds her way on the path less known, she is closest friend to the knowing forest owl.
by Flame Opal Girl February 15, 2019
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