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in cantonese, it means 'fong fei kei'. which means those who betrayed or broke a promise/deal made with another party.
that girl ffk me, she promised to meet up here but she never show up.

dealing with ffk customers really fed me up.
by hnndnn December 29, 2009
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ffk known as frequently flying kite (malaysian slang)
ffk is also known as 'fong fei kei' in cantonese

Is to break a promise, a deal or did not show up for an appointment

Orgin : Making a promise with a friend is similar to railing out a kite. If you keep your promise, means you rail back your kite hence keeping your friendship. To break a promise, is like cutting the line of the kite and it will fly away similar to loosing a friend.
We are suppose to meet up here but the fucker ffk me again today, this is the last time I am gonna put up with him.
by nyxator November 20, 2011
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As defined nay a chopped contestant, a FFK is a former fat kid. Insensitive? I think not!
After being a contestant on The Biggest Loser, I have lost a total of 4 pounds and I am therefore proud to call my self a FFK.
by KnobblyKnees December 07, 2018
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A skateboard group that started outta NOPO,FL
FFK stands for FreshFlowKids
Did you see that kid i heard he was in FFK
by Freezerburnz November 14, 2007
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