It's like slang, from England... Meaning good.
That sweater is so fetch!
by Rob Yeo March 15, 2005
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used as a substitute for "fuck". only sounds cool when used alone as an exclamation. only used when the speaker is uncomfortable saying the f word.
"what the fetch are you doing?!"
by kevdogg May 20, 2004
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means bring; give something to someone.
by Mohsen July 23, 2005
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'fetch' a word from mean girls, that means 'cool.' its like slang from england.
'omg, i luv ure bracelet where did you get it?'
'my mom made it for me'
'its soo adorable'
'yes, its soo fetch'
by abi February 25, 2005
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an iconic line from mean girls .gretchen tries to make 'fetch' happen but it doesnt .so lets make it happen .
it basically means cool.
by iluv_me June 3, 2022
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(adjective) a word used by Gretchen from Mean Girls
Fetch is never going to happen, Gretchen.” - Regina George
by juliette00 June 22, 2022
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cool or awesome it’s like slang in england
sooo fetch.” “what is fetch?” “oh, it’s like slang. from, england.”
by blehhh123456789 September 2, 2018
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