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Her true beauty comes from within and it radiates through the natural glow of her skin.Always greeting all she meets with a smile on her face.Her true beauty lets us know the quality of her being and her memory will outlast longer than a mere while.She's humbled, quiet and meek.Her words are like music for her man to hear.She possesses dignity and grace.She possess the qualities that gives pleasures to the senses.A natural beauty without synthetic pretenses.A heart of gold which gives value to her manA spirit that does not see herself as better than.She is Feruza
An very attractive or seductive looking woman=feruza

Feroza a blue gems stone ,Turquoise
by boogii September 14, 2012
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A Turkish or Ahiska female name. Feruza is an awesome person and an amazing friend. She is gorgeous but often denies it. She never sees it but guys are always looking her way. She is very loyal in friendship and marriage. You are certainly lucky to have a Feruza as a Best Friend or a girlfriend.
Guy: Feruza you're such a cutie.
Feruza: Hahhaa!! you're so funny! you know you don't mean it.
by банан September 10, 2012
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