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a character from the 80s movie "ferris buelers day off" loved by everyone except his sister and principal, he skips school for a day and goes to the city with his friend and girlfriend. there they have a great time, destroy a ferrari, and almost get caught.

possibly the pimpest guy ever
i cant think of a quote, who cares

save ferris bueler!
by wrong or right? April 12, 2007
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Verb. To drive a valeted/parked car around the city at breakneck speed in a reckless fashion only to return the abused vehicle to it's unaware and hapless owner.
Him: That parking lot guy is totally our bitch, he has to bring us back our keys.
Me: Hell no! You better be nice or he'll Ferris Bueler your car all over the city.
by Winfield Peterson February 13, 2008
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