the fender stratocaster was a remake of the fender telecaster, many people who played the telecaster had different complaints and comments on how to make it better therefor the "strat" was made, with a more comfortable inverted body a rosewood v or u shaped neck and 3 single coil pickups as opposed to the teles two single coils, the strat also had what many thought a revolutional design with its two horns, but actually it is about the same classifications as a classical guitar with a cutaway for access to more frets, and last but not least the tremolo arm or "whammy bar" used to push the bridge up causing the strings to gain and lose slack allowing the tone to change quickly
The fender stratocaster was loevd and played by many artist including Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, And Ritchie Blackmore.
by thenextslowhand February 10, 2007
The best guitar in the world!! Invented by leo fender and was the first electric guitar made(with the fender telecaster which i personally think are gay). All the greatest guitar players started on or became famous on this guitar. Ones made in the 60s are really expensive and valuable.
I rocked out at the party last night on my strat!
by nickdawg940 May 14, 2005
What only the most skillful and talented ones can use to build this or any other city on.
Fender Stratocruisers are mad ultra cool to the ones who can use them and those who can only listen.
by J. Michael Reiter April 29, 2005