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The juices that ooze out of an woman's vag while sexually excited, before and during orgasm. May be white or clear but always tasty.
Sandra starts to leak femcum soon after I stroke her clit.
by labialik November 03, 2011
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Femcum is the ejaculate from a femcock, or a feminine penis. it is sweeter, is less viscous, has a better scent, and has a better mouthfeel than a normal cock. It differs from a cisgendered womans cum since it is still produced in same area that semen is produced.
"hey bob, I heard you went down on jane yesterday? what does femcum taste like?"
"yeah it was fun, femcum is tasty and I could easily go for 3 rounds with her."
by ShellyOwO February 08, 2019
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Ejaculate present during emission by a girldick, or feminine-penis. Qualitatively distinct from male ejaculate in its oozing viscosity and sweetness.
Laura was pleasantly surprised by the sweet tang of her partner Jessica's femcum compared to the bitterness of her cissie ex Greg's nut. This marked Jessica's second conquest over Greg, the first being a devastating victory in the arena of Mouthfeel.
by Chokk February 08, 2019
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