a football player also known to be one of the best players to ever step on a football pitch. he has won over 42 champions leagues trophies more than anyone else and has also won the ballon d’or an astonishing 19 times
man i wish i could be fellaini he smashes and dashes all the time
by marouanneeee February 15, 2018
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a stupid cunt who is shit at life or also known as fabian or mushin
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Nickname for the best player in football's history, most talented and skilled, Marouane Fellaini. He is often called a God of football, impressing with every single minute on the pitch. And he has the best hairstyle ever.
"OMG! How the fuck someone can miss that? Normal for Lord Fellaini"
"Lord Fellaini strikes again! Only two broken noses this time!"
"Man Utd really pays this man?"
by luciensias July 16, 2018
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