Defn: Behind close-doors sexual behaviour involving celebrities, copius amounts of oral sex and infidelity.
While not on the golf course Tiger Woods enjoys felacious activities in his Cadillac Escalade.

David Letterman was renowned for his felacious ways with female co-workers.

The PGA's squeaky clean image is being tarnsished as recent media hype say the PGA is a dark, felacious world.
by Greezey December 12, 2009
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to be completely dope in a comparative nature to something else.
Dam girl you're looking felacious!!
by andyfromthevalley February 25, 2009
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felaci are the most amazing people ive ever known. (kinda gay but i still love them). felaci hang out a lot and sleep together, oly platonicaly ofc. wery much homie love
we are such a felaci. i love you. lets have sex
by WillBee May 2, 2022
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