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Karen: ''Did you know that Lisa bought a second pair of shoes this week already?!''
Me: ''Yeah.. she's such a fealot!''


Interviewer: ''So... you're a fashion model. Do you consider yourself to be a shopaholic?''
Interviewee: ''Well, I'd say I'm more likely a fealot.''
by PseudonymIsNotReallyMyThing April 06, 2017
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A fake zealot. Someone who uses a fake moral high ground as an excuse to zealously grind and bully someone or some group they don't like. The moral high ground is usually meaningless to the fealot and is used as merely a shield to justify bullying and abusive behavior.
A fealot is an anti-abortionist who says they want to protect fetuses who really just runs guilt trips on young girls or bullies abortion doctors.
A fealot is the same sex marriage defender who defends same sex marriage just to bash religious people.
A fealot is a religious person hiding behind their religion to bully someone.

A fealot is the feminist who viciously attacks men then says all she wants is equality. "How can you disagree with me when all I am fighting for is equality".

Fealots are bullies and abusers who hide behind a moral high ground to attack others. The actual high ground is either ill-defined or they don't actually adhere to it.

Signs of a fealot:
* zealously attacks without logic or reason but its obvious the issue is trivial or blown out of proportion
* spends more time attacking than discussing the actual cause.
* usually isn't part of the group in question (straights defending gays, whites defending blacks, men defending women).
* target group or person is someone the fealot does not like.
* can be more cruel to the protected group than the people the fealot are attacking. Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a c*nt for example while being against misogyny.

* rarely if ever uphold the moral high ground when it disadvantages the fealot.

* hides behind nebulous, ill-defined and vague high grounds or terms "All I want is equality". "I just want fairness" "You're evil"
* plays the victim
by P. Mason June 23, 2015
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