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A middle school in Warner Robins, GA full of homophobic assholes and fake ass bitches. The school is mainly full of white girls who are extremely fake and arrogant. The black girls are just as fake but not in their personality but in their looks. There is a fairly large population of homosexuals but they are looked down upon by the “rich kids” who only have enough money to afford a Ford Explorer. They usually refrain from sexual activities but the ones who do end up having sex are usually the innocent type. Large amounts of “college frat boys”. The teachers are extremely nosey and get in everyone’s business. They’re homiphobic as well.
Did you hear about that girl that got fingered by her boyfriend?
Yea what school I wanna get in on that?!
Feagin Mill Middle School

Someone called someone else a faggot in front of the teachers and didn’t even get in trouble the teacher joined in!
Wtf what school
Feagin Mill
by Realasfuck November 30, 2017
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