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A message board for posting images and flash files, done in the spirit of 4chan, but with many more restrictions and much lower posting volume. One such restriction was a "Do Not Post" or DNP list, where artists could ask that their work not be posted, theoretically to lessen arguments, disputes, threats, and drama.

The board began strong under an admin going by the name of Sage Freehaven. Things ran relatively smoothly, as Freehaven had a diplomatic manner and attempted to get all parties involved in a dispute to calm down.

Unfortunately, Freehaven soon lost internet access due to various factors, and appointed a pair of mods to replace him, Sage Nadia and Xenofur. While Xenofur was slightly reasonable, Nadia was brusque, short with people, and often downright rude. Her typical response to an argument was to tell the posters "Shut up and fap." This soon changed to threats of banning, and then frequent bannings. At one point, the entire site was taken down until the site's IRC channel could be reclaimed, as an "incentive" to force the site's users to help.

Nadia currently claims full ownership of Fchan, and has removed any possible references to Freehaven. Under her guidance, Fchan's DNP has swelled to huge proportions as her manner fails to quell fights and thus artists become upset or angry. The rules have also grown much longer and nitpicking, with several arbitrary boardsplits, and blatantly nonsensical definitions of what can and can not be posted, mostly owing to Nadia's personal beliefs and preferences, usually with the excuse that she has discussed it at length with the "other mods and many artists".

Currently, Fchan is chaotic and confrontational. The DNP, originally intended to help reduce the number of fights, is now the source of most of them as people accuse others of posting images from artists on the DNP list and argue amongst themselves about said images, whether or not they are in fact DNP, or the validity of the DNP itself. One is required to view the full DNP before posting any file, and check a box saying the file is not created by a DNP artist. (The checkbox must, in fact, be checked even to post a text comment.) At any given time, the front page of the discussion board is composed perhaps 50% of threads asking if or why other threads were deleted, and what new material has been banned.
On Fchan, you can post an image of a dragon raping a ten-year-old foxboy up the ass and gutting him with a jagged piece of glass, but you cannot post an image of an adult foxman smoking marijuana. The administrative staff of Fchan see this as entirely reasonable.
by Anonny Mouse March 05, 2006
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A message board, like 4chan, for furry porn. It has a lot of fucking bitching on it.
"Now you just show how annoying and stupid people can be.

You want to know why I'm still a virgin despite having a girlfriend?! Becasue she lives in Scotland!!

And our relationship has lasted for three years. Foo is her cousin, so you can ask him if we're together or not. He most likely hasn't kept track of the time, but I know how my life is. You don't.

And on another note when I was younger I did have chances to be kissed, but I was much too shy to do anything about it.

There's nothing wrong with how I lived. Other people have lived the same way.

You want to laugh at someone?! Laugh at yourself for your own stupidity." - Claw MacKain
by EssKay February 10, 2005
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