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Okay, so theirs these girls. the first three are the MEDS and then theres some followers. They think their hot as fuck but their the biggest bitches on earth. Every girl in our grade is TIRED of them and they honestly have dicks. Everyone thinks that one of them aka the skinning carboard one is a lesbo and the other one has a "secret lover" the other one likes to steal and get ALL THE ATTENTION. shes honestly annoying as fuck. were tired of you guys. oh yeah the one with the curly curly hair talks shit about everyone and then theres the two bestfriends that just follow. i mean comeon get a lifee. yupp thats you fcsluts. this was meant to be
not for me to b a bitch or anything, but yes this is made to you guys and idk if youll ever see it. but goodluck finding out who. bye fc sluts =
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There are many different types of people in this world and maybe you have been hurt by them but have you not hurt anybody yourself? I dont think anyone can say that they haven't. People make mistakes but instead of ridiculing them or writing awful things about them think about how you can help them or be a friend to them. I know that every single person in the world makes atleast one mistake if not more, so i dont understand how you can say these things about people when you are just a hypocrite and do the same thing. I know its hard to see that you are just as mean in different ways but you need to understand that you most likely hurt people just as much. These girls deserve respect even if they are mean, but no one deserves to be called what you have called them and no one deserves to be treated this way. think about how you would feel if you saw someone write this about you. Next time just think before you say/write about other people. Thanks
I hope you girls can think about what you have done, calling people fc sluts is very disrespectful.
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Everyone knows who wrote this, and it's soo funny to me because so many people like your so called "fc sluts". I love these girls & cannot wait for the few of you who wrote/agree with this to enjoy high school with me! the "MEDS" are the shit and definitely not sluts, especially from what they/their friends have told me. And I have seen pictures and hear things about you girls who wrote this that make me laugh that you would call someone else a "slut". You're immaturity makes me laugh. Love you "MEDS" <3

"You girls need to stop calling each other sluts and whores, it only makes it okay for guys to call us sluts and whores" -Mean Girls.

There's a psychological theory called "my shadow" and it means whatever you call someone you dislike is actually how you are. So, you are basically admitting to being fc sluts yourself.
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