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The slow, sarcastic applause used to mock another person's shortcomings.
Jacob: "Check it out, I can ollie this curb with my new skateboard no problem."
<smashes into the curb and tumbles wildly>
Chris: (clapping slowly) "Bravo man, you're better than Tony Hawk."
Jacob: (writhing in pain) "Screw you and your fauxplause."
by Nameless589 August 23, 2009
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When an already proper famous person drops the name of another legendary person for the sole purpose of inducing a moment of applause while being interviewed themselves.
β€œJoe McHollywood” on late night prefaces a story by stating, β€œ I take the movie part, show up to the set, and the first person I meet is none other than Robert deNiro himself...(applause for mentioning deNiro)...and then I proceed to tell HIM to go get me a sandwich mistaking him for a commoner and not recognizing him through his makeup.”

The moment while a studio audience is applauding for the mention of an even bigger star is the fauxplause.
by Fun conundrum June 16, 2018
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