While previous-definitions do apply; they discribe mostly the manfauxhawk.

A ladyfauxhawk generally utilises a sort of "layered" haircut. By having a shorter layer of hair on the top of the head, one could then gather it ang gel it into a "mohawk"fan. Like the manfauxhawk, the sides are lamely left unshaven, and the "hawk" is pitifly small.

Internet famously sported by tossers such as Jeffree Star, and as such, it's not recomened you do it (all lameness aside) so as not to appear to be a bilge-sucking fangirl.

But you wouldn't do it in the first place, because it's lame.
Girl: Hey! I have a fauxhawk JUSTLIKE Jeffree Star!!*FANGASM!*

Me: Uh. okay. But if you wern't a lamer, you'd have shaved your sides like I do. Ew. can you clean up your fanjizm? I think Im ill.
by idiotlefou May 08, 2006
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The guy you see on the side of the road mounted upon his chotch chariot(crotch rocket) being pulled over by the police sporting a flamboyantly colorered mohawk upon top his helmet.
-Always take the moment to realize you are looking at a chotch kingpin and consider yourself lucky to have spotted one in the wild helmet-less and gel-less. A very vulnerable state for this special creature...a breathtaking sight.
β€’Usually into sack slapping and shit smearing. Has been known for closet dog fucking.
β€’ a/k/a- fuck boy, hummus boy, cheeze

dick, Mamma's pussy plumper.
"Saw a fauxhawk behind the Shell station finger fucking a pit-bull earlier today... sneaky fucker done got caught up."
by Clearwater-Bath February 14, 2019
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