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CHODEHAWK, noun- Unusually short stubby mohawk,most pronounced if the user has a big head may also be applied to a fauxhawk if said fauxhawks length is not greater than its width and/or the difference between the fauxhawk and the remaining hair is no greater than a 2 to 3 ratio.
Lilly:Have you seen Gerbers new haircut?
Barney: Looks over then bust out laughing
Lilly: Whats so funny?
Barney: He has a Chodehawk!
Barney:His hair, its not proportional to his head

Lilly: O god i see it, i can never keep a straight face when i see him now.
Barney: Chodehawk!!
Lilly: Chodehawk!
by Barnaby Norris Grylls January 01, 2012
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