to be at work but not actually doing any work, at all. Another way of saying you/someone is lazy.
Tim: man, I havn't done a thing all day
Jim: you are such a dog fucker

Jim: Damit Tim will you do somthing, quit dog fucking

Tim: Im so tired and half cut, Im gona dog fuck all day
by kevyn r February 16, 2008
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the act of sexual intercourse in such a vile, filthy manner that it is happily reminiscent of the ugly, disgusting way in which dogs have sex.
Ned: Hey dude, get any pussy?
Ed: Oh dude, I was dog fucking that skank so bad the film would probably be illegal if sold in the civilized world. I just dog fucked that nasty cunt.
by afterbirtha September 3, 2009
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A distracting occurrence bringing one's focus from the situation or issue(s) at hand.
Russell was nearly hit in the head with the frisbee. He must've been watching dogs fucking.
by heaving reaction April 3, 2011
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A person who engages in the act of "dog fucking" or "fucking the dog", or an instance of said activity.
"John's having another smoke break"
"What a useless dog fuck"

"Where's John?"
"Who knows? Having a good dog fuck, I'll bet"
by pawntony January 30, 2007
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Excrement and slime resulting from mating dogs. As an insult, referring to somebody or something, existing at that social or hierarchal level.
"I can reduce you to dog fuck in about two minutes."
by Etch September 8, 2006
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A group of employees who should be working, but instead are either:

1. Standing around doing absolutely nothing
2. Doing something very obviously NOT work

...on company time.
1. 'Water cooler' conversations with more than 2 people for more than 3 minutes are considered a dog fuck party.
2. Pigs at the donut shop, pigs in the parking lot sitting in their cruisers, pigs doing pretty much anything is considered a dog fuck party.
by A.G.Alum September 14, 2007
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The sort of common sense that a dog would have. Often used simply as it's abbreviation - CDF.
"How about a bit of common dog fuck dickhead, don't do that!"
by kprice October 27, 2005
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