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The act of using Facebook under the guise of a false identity.

The purpose of the identity is to join networks otherwise unavailable to the perpetrator to glean information off of carefully chosen targets. The person may then send a friend request to his/her target in an attempt to fool the person into believing the person is somewhat trustworthy as the friend request comes from a network to which the target belongs.

A parent might sign up for Facebook as a member of his/her son or daughter's High school, with the intent of some of all of the following:
- to send her child's friends "friend requests" to watch their behavior or subtly coax them to talk about her child
- to watch her child's Facebook announcements and wall posts
- to monitor her child's comments on other's facebook pages
- to see pictures and other information
Son in HS: "Who is 'Tara Jordan'? I've never heard of her at school before..
*clicks to accept friend request oblivious to the fauxbook request coming from his mother*
Mother of child, posing as fictitious Tara Jordan: "Now I will scour my son's page and his friends' pages to see what he's doing whilst not under my supervision."

"I was fauxbooked by my mom and she saw all the college photos of me drinking instead of going to class."

"My fauxbook tricks every girl in the sorority to accept my friend request so I can see all of their information."
by Shiftyeyedgoat October 21, 2009
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A fake Facebook profile created to help one's apps. From pictures to about me to their favorite books are filled out, even interaction with other users all just to help out a farm or restaurant.
Char'Donay Ramone isn't a real person, its a fauxbook, Chris made her up so he'd have more help for his hotel on Hotel City.
by OprahWINfree May 20, 2010
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