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A flame that is targetting the weight of an opponent. Usually used my lame flamers who have no other material to use. Generally considered lame because flames of this type are often repetitive and lame.

The word fat-lame is a play on the words, fat, flame and lame. Also similar to fag-lame.

Lame_Dogg: You're so fat that when you step on the concrete, you turn it into quicksand.
King_Flame: All you can do is fat-lame. Grow a brain bitch!
by bizzyb0t March 28, 2006
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Those annoying 45 year old men that play Magic and eat chili dogs all afternoon.
"I too watch Yu-Gi-Oh! and am well over ten... in fact i play the card game as well, so what kind of 'tard am I?"
by Diddy August 14, 2004
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