A girl/woman's booty that is very big, round, firm, soft, jiggly, & thick in all the right areas, with little to no fat around the waist/midsection.
e.g. A booty so fat and round you can't see the pussy/butthole.

e.g. A booty so fat, that you can see it from the front!

Btw a fat booty is 1000x better than a big booty. ; )
by TheBigBootyConnoisseur August 19, 2015
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Sexualy appealing girls that posses that large, fat bottom. The one they may shake to make all the boys go wild.
Those fat booty bitches have quite a bottom to show. They shakes it wildly, attracting many males in excitment, filling them with despair and sexual frustration.
by TheJewWhoGivesChildrenSexTalks September 21, 2014
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A funk/ska/hip-hopesque band hailing from Ashville,NC. The Booty band have devoloped a style called "Bounce," Which of course is exactly what one is compelled to do when you hear their funky ass muzik. Broke out into the "jamband" scene at Wakarusa 2006 where they rocked the fucking house two nights in a row. Disclaimer; One of their groupies was wearing a white dress and white panties the first night at Wakarusa and was jumping up and down and she was on the fucking RAG! Now Thats Phunky!!! And then the next night the band got half naked and she was running around stage in her undies!!! Schtoops! Nevertheless, they are a killer band, Check 'em out...I mean just think of the band's name for god's sake...Genius dare I say
Tom: "What are you going to go and see"???? Rick:"I'm gonna go check out Yo Mamas big fat booty band."
Tom: "What'd you say about my mama."
Also, The epitome of funky is that groupie riding down the river of red. PHHHHHUUUNNNNKKKYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jay4201 July 15, 2006
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booty so fat i wanna rub my meat between his bubble butt
yo i just saw a vriist outside

his vriist booty fat
by mitsuki from cord January 23, 2022
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