This phrase is most commonly used when somebody has to find out the difference the hard way about something. Like saying, "You don't believe fat meat is greasy" as in "You gonna just have to find out the hard way."
You don't believe fat meat is greasy, do you?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant April 22, 2005
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1) statement normally made when someone’s behavior will force them to learn “The hard way”.
2)to express the truth in your statement.
1) Frank: Reggie stay away from the pool halls down town they are known to hustle people.
Reggie: I can’t lose I’m Reggie.
Frank: Ugh. You just don’t believe fat meat is greasy.

2) Frank: You just missed Justin’s mom she is looking thick.
Derrick: She looking like that?
Frank: Is fat meat greasy
by Galehart Popwell December 24, 2020
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