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When man whispers "you are the fattest most disgusting pig I have ever seen" into the ear of an assumedly fat woman while he on top of her having sex in the doggystyle position. She will be angered and will begin trying to buck the man off of her and the man must try to stay on top, hence, fat bitch rodeo.
I lasted 12 secoonds the last time I did a fat bitch rodeo.
by Martin Davidson June 22, 2007
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A game commonly played by groups of young men. Each player goes into a club, and starts chatting up the fattest people in there. Then, simultaniously, they all jump on the fat person's back, and whoever can ride there 'fat bitch' the longest wins. see also 'kentucky bitch rodeo' and 'swedish bitch rodeo'
'we played a great game of fat bitch rodeo last night. i rode mine for a minute and a half!'
by rolf harris March 15, 2004
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