The cops. They're self-selecting right-wing fascist pigs who like to beat up pot smokers, hippies and anarchists.
Here come the fascist pigs, put away the pot Bobby.
by Wilders January 27, 2008
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when describing a group or individual involved in racism any extreme right wing views. fascist pigs should be muttered at the end of the sentance after even mentioning them.
So you believe that we shouldnt drop third world dept and that you think blacks should stay in africa. fascist pig

Dont vote for the BNP party, fascist pigs
by caguetou June 7, 2005
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In politics, the use of lies, spin, compelling personal narratives, and other forms of propaganda to distract and mislead the voting public so that it may be manipulated into giving consent to violations of its own rights and interests by the perpetrating parties.
The candidate blathered on and on about the glory of his high school football days--clearly just more lipstick on a fascist pig.
by Del Griffith September 11, 2008
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