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the Bengali word for "butt" or "ass" and u could totally get away with using it as a curse to someone that doesn't know what it means
damn ur a fasa hole
dude, I can see ur fasa crack
u jack fasa
by samlette May 23, 2018
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1. Female Athletic Social Activity

Acronym used to speek of female athletic activities because they do not qualify as sports. Due to there lack of overall ability and general excitment. Also practices and games especially at the highschool level consist mostly of doing nothing but gossip and creating lame disingenuous cheers.
Jennie: "Did you catch the girls basketball game last night?"

Dan: "Girls basketball is a F.A.S.A, so I did not watch, I watched mens ping pong because it is actually a real sport."
by Dubuddman March 02, 2006
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the Bengali for booty, ass, butt. Pick one!!
damn, what a big fasa u have ma'am. Old lady: OH MY GOODNESS IM CALLING THE POLICE!!!
by samlette June 06, 2018
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