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A fartjob is a sexual act in which one particularly flatulent individual fully inserts their partners penis into their rectum. No thrusting is involved in a fartjob, otherwise it it simply farty anal sex. Instead, one remains idle sitting on their partners dick, and stimulates to completion using only the vibration of flatulence.
Chet: So my neighbors had me over for dinner, after I had them for burrito night at my place.

Jörg: You sneaky bastard! I see where this is going.

Chet: Yeah after a few drinks Mrs. Steinwald moved from her husbands lap over to mine and my dick was already out.

Jörg: Nice! Mexican food the night before really seals the deal. Was her husband suspicious?

Chet: Not at all! Once she finished the fartjob, Mr. Steinwald plopped right down on my dick for fartjob round 2!
by Hammer of Jesus October 29, 2018
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A gay sex act in which a man with a gas problem(who farts alot) is being screwed in the ass by his partner and then gives sexual stimulation by farting into his partner's penis.

It's kinda like giving a blowjob, but through your ass instead of through your mouth. So that's why it's called a "fart-job!"
Steve(fucking his partner Jon in the ass): Hey Jon, do you have one coming already?

Jon: Yes! Yes, here comes a BIG one!

*Jon lets out a rather long-lasting, noisy, and pungent-smelling fart*

Steve: Aaaaaahhh! That felt so good!
by Mark H August 04, 2004
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The act of a man inserting pressurized air in a womans anal cavity then fucking with noisy farts slipping out.
Eric pumped Abbas ass with air then she farted all over his cock, he recieved the greatest fart job since rosie o' donnels fabled 1993 fart job.
by Mcfarthuntd19 February 08, 2010
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