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farthammer is a new breed of porn star. he concludes each sexual experience with a stern fart to the face of whomever he is currently having intercourse with. . . .
by omfghax August 30, 2004
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The act of passing gas on a girl as she gives a guy oral sex.
I hate that chick, but I'd give nail her with the fart hammer.
by Bob Madigan January 12, 2004
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to ejaculate all over a girl's face after sex, and then topping it off by triumphantly farting in her face
If this bitch accidentally bites my dick again I'm going to have to farthammer her dumb ass.
by marqis March 08, 2006
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After you have sex you slap the woman in the face, and as she turns around to look you fart on her face.
Rusty Harden gave me the fart hammer last night
by Dirty Dingus August 28, 2008
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Germanic, das fartzenheimer. Refers to an ancient Nordic practice in which warriors, on the eve of battle, would engage in a festival of beer, roasted meat, bowel manipulation, and vigorous anal sex to produce an astounding amount of pent up anal gasses (often combined with farticles) that would be hurled at the enemy during close combat. The Nordic warriors were usually so hung over that the noxious fumes had little effect on them. But, the enemy commonly succumbed to the fetid cloud.
After the party, Elwood woke up with a piercing headache in a strange room with his butt bleeding and ripped one so loud it could only be called a farthammer.
by Larry Sanders December 14, 2004
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the penis of a homosexual male,a fart hammer for hammering farts.
when are you gonna let me stick this fart hammer up your ass!?
by ted July 04, 2004
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Using jet propelled fart and slamming it on someone
Also a name towards someone who is robust and repulsive
"Dan is such a farthammer"
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