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An adult female who frequently displays fangirl traits, such as drawing fanart, writing fanfiction, collecting related media, or otherwise obsessing over her chosen character/actor/musician/etc. However, she may not identify as a fangirl for one or more reasons: she is over a certain age where devout fandom is no longer commonplace; she sees herself as more emotionally mature than her fellow fans; she does not partake in the viewing or creating of fanart or fanfiction; and more.

The defining quality of a fanwoman is her acceptance that she will not ever - barring rare cases - have an emotional relationship with her idol. She is separated from the fangirl by her realistic expectations of herself as well as the celebrity or character in question. Thus, she takes joy in her chosen fandom, without sending out wedding invitations.
FRIEND: Now that Green Day has made a comeback, my little sister is obsessed with Billie Joe Armstrong! She even draws pictures of him and her together! ...Didn't you used to do that when we were in high school?
ME: Yeah, I completely adored him! I still do! But, y'know, I'm a fanwoman now, and I wish him and his family the best.
FRIEND: But given the chance, you'd still totally jump his bones.
ME: Well, yeah.
by The Morg May 13, 2011
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A fangirl who's made a career out of and recieves profit from fangirling over her item or idol of choice.
Girl 1: Let's run away to Korea.
Girl 2: Why?
Girl 1: I'm ready to become a coordi noona.
Girl 2: Oh you mean a fanwoman ;-)
by SeΓ±oraPoot June 16, 2016
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