The most hilarious people on earth. Knows how to make you laugh!!
I love my crazy, lovely, beautiful family!!!
by Hilarious! April 18, 2013
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Family, a.k.a "The Filipino family", "FilaMafia" is an East Coast organized street gang, mainly spread across Southern Virginia's Hampton Roads Area which consist of the 7 cities mainly Virginia Beach. They are mainly composed of Filipino Americans. The origin of the gang is unknown, but many believed that it was formed in various high schools in Hampton Roads mainly Salem High, Norview High, Lake Taylor High, Green Run High and Granby High School. The gang was mainly formed to help defend Filipino's from harm at schools. The gang then gained a strong reputation for violence in some schools, particularly those located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Almost all the of the gang members are still very active in the Filipino-American Communities they live in or have settled in and several of them have post-graduate degrees and or are very successful in bussiness in Hampton Roads also a few have migrated to California, Texas, Florida, Nevada and Washington-DC/Baltimore Area. The were well known in the late 80's to early 90's as the "The Filipino Mafia." Several gangs have formed after the first generation grew older such as BMC and LMC which have lineage from the original founding members of Family.
Hey that dude is part of "Family".
by BudoyBadBoy August 06, 2006
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A bunch of people who are forced to talk to each other. Half the people want to strangle each other. You often like the pet better than you like the people. The worst part is the dreaded family reunion where you meet family members you didn't even know you had...like the one drug addict or the one member of your family that managed to get into Harvard.
I don't wanna go to this family dinner.

I wanna strangle my brother.

I like my dog much better than I like my siblings
by roux-ga-roux July 30, 2016
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The concept of family is merely a figment of the imagination, as families are typically based on love which is also a figment of the imagination. Due to the even shallower concept of sexual attraction of which famillies are physically created, the concept of family is not much deeper. It will never turn out as planned to be and the children will unfortunately continue to live their lives in search of love once again due to their sexual attraction.
People who are lonely long for "family" because it is a mental tie made of desperation for physical and emotional protection.
by Soybean March 17, 2007
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n. something you can never change but is what you'll always want the most. they will annoy you, but they'll always make sure that your ok. the random combinations of people never make sense, but in the end it doesn't matter because love them or hate them, you're stuck with them
It'll take a cold day in hell to make me stop loving my family. If you've ever met them, you'd give me a pat on the back.
by logicalmolly April 06, 2009
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There are 10 types of family

1.Lineal/Immediate Family
parents, grandparents, etc. Children, grandchildren etc.

2.Collateral Family
Aunts, uncles, cousins etc.

3.Adoptive Family
Family by adoption

Your step-parent's side of the family.Your step-kids are also your step-family. Step-grandpa, stepmom, step-sister etc.

Family of Family or Stepfamily, but not YOUR family.

Your god-parents side of the family is your god-family. God mother, god father, god sister etc.

This is what happens when you say "Love ya like a sister!" to your BFF. She becomes costco family because you love her like family.

Your legal gaurdian(s) and the people who live with them are your custodial family, related or not.

9.Marital Family
Your spouse and anyone who lives with them falls into this category.

The family of your spouse, or the spouse of a relitave.
1. Don't say you don't have a Lineal Family, because you do.

2. My mom is Immediate family, and so her other children are my collateral family.

3. I wish I could be adopted by a better family

4. Sexual relations with your stepfamily IS incest!

5. Twins run in my side-family.

6. My godfamily is a small family of two.

7. I was looking forward to spending time with my costco family over summer vacation.

8. I heard someone in your custodial family is pregnant with triplets?

9. My marital family drives me crazy sometimes.

10. My bff is my sister-in-law.
by Anna Lynn Sanders June 01, 2010
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