It thought they were family but naw, they just fam.
by Crucial18 May 13, 2014
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Short for the word "family"
or the word to use when you're in a good friendship with someone.
by J.C.M November 28, 2008
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Originally slang for family. When "peeps" became mainstream, the ghetto needed a less accurate reference for a group of other degenerates.

Often combined with other three (or fewer) letter words to form near-illiterate sentences.
Dis is lit fam.
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by Dickchinhairy May 04, 2017
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A word which used as a way of shortening the word family, often used to define one's closest friends. Since one's closest friends are typically seen as comparable to a family, this is a household term many know.
What many don't know is that the term was actually defined by Shakespeare in his original draft of Romeo and Juliet. "Juliet, I need you to flower my pump fam." (Shakespeare 69)
Fam, I think you lit the Christmas tree on fire.
by Red-Kun November 26, 2016
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something a British 13 year old says when he's about to fight
him: lets go fam let get it poppin mate
other guy: if you wanna go fam we can go
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by Retarded Sperm March 21, 2019
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